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laser speed gun

Laser Speed Gun With Camera

Hand-held Laser Speed Gun

  • Maximum measuring range


  • speed range


  • speed accuracy


  • ranging accuracy


  • Working temperature


  • laser wavelength


Hand held laser speed gun

Integrated equipment with 4 times optical magnification aiming

·   High waterproof, stable and reliable, long lifetime

·  Accurate HD shooting, High ranging accuracy,long distance

·  Delicate non-slip texture design Handle comfort

·  LCD display shows speed and distance at the same time

Hand held laser speed gun

Accurately measure the real-time speed of the car and measure the corresponding distance at the same time,and perform static picture capture and video recording of speeding vehicles

  • Maximum range


  • Speed range


  • Speed measurement accuracy


  • Ranging accuracy


  • Working Temperature


  • Laser wavelength


Product parameter

Optimal focusing range70m (230 ft)
Lens operating rangeHandheld15- 80m (50 - 262ft)
Tripod15 - 90m (50 - 295ft)
Velocity measurement accuracy± 2km/h
± 1 mile/h
Speed range0 km/h to 320 km/h,
0 MPH to 200 MPH
Range accuracy±30 cm
± 12 inches
Display ResolutionSpeed1 km/h, 1 mile/h
Range1m 1ft
Minimum speed measurement distanceSpeed mode≤10m
weather mode60m (automatic software identification)
The longest range range600-700m in the speed measuring mode1200m in the range mode
Speed measurement time0.33-0.67 seconds
Measurement unit (factory configuration)Speedkilometers per hour
miles per hour
meters per second
Laser wavelength905 nm
Laser beam divergence:2.5 milliradians
Human Eye SafetyFDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
TemperatureOperating-10°C to +60° C (14°F to 140°F)
Charging0°C to +45°C (32°F to +113°F)
Storage-20° C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
WiFi printingCustomizable
Night Function:Customizable


waterproof and dustproof
Snapshot data storagePluggable SD card16GB or 32GB16GB or 32GB
SD file system formatMS-DOS (FAT16, FAT32)
Linux (EXT2, EXT3)
Display4.3-inch (10.9cm), 480 x 272 pixels, color, 18 bit/pixel (BPP), touch screen
Camera2.0 MPixel (1600×1200)
Camera lens5mm, fixed focus
RS232,serial communication port
USB 2.0, image data v
resistive touch screen input
/6 button input (including trigger)


Operating systemLinux operating system, custom device drivers
Anti-jammingautomatic anti-jamming
Video sizestandard format640 x 480 pixels
Static image size1600×1200 px
Maximum record sizeNo limit, subject to internal storage
Data encryptionAES-128


Measurement mode:continuous, lock, automatic, video tracking mode, ranging mode, video mode
Voice prompt:Speed synchronous with voice
Language:English, Chinese
Warranty:18 months

LCD display

  • ① Speed display data
  • ② Speed Unit
  • ③ Aiming point
  • ④ Distance unit
  • ⑤ Distance display data

structure diagram