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laser speed gun

Laser Speed Gun Without Camera

Hand-held Laser Speed Gun

A portable, operable hand-held speed device that can accurately take the speed value and ensure the uniqueness and effectiveness of the resulting data

  • Maximum range

    1200 m

  • Speed range

    0-320 km/h

  • Speed measurement accuracy

    ±2 km/h

  • Ranging accuracy

    ±0.3 m

  • Working Temperature


  • Laser wavelength

    905 nm

Hand-held Laser Speed Gun

Integrated equipment with 4 times optical magnification aiming

·  High waterproof, stable and reliable, long lifetime

·   Accurate HD shooting, ranging accuracy high ,long distance

·  Delicate non-slip texture design, Handle comfort

·  LCD display shows speed and distance at the same time

Hand-held Laser Speed Gun

With the cursor line of sight, speed and distance can be displayed at the same time, high quality wear-resistant material, fine non-slip texture feel comfortable.

  • Maximum range

    1200 m

  • Ranging Scope

    0-320 km/h(0 mile/h to 200 mile/h)

  • Speed Measurement Accuracy

    ±2 km/h(± 1 mile/h)

  • Ranging Accuracy

    ±0.3 m(± 12 inch)

  • Temperature Ranger


  • Laser Wave Length

    905 nm

Product parameter

Maximum range:1200m
Speed range:320 km/h
Speed measurement accuracy:2 km/h
Ranging accuracy:0.3m
Speed Measurement Accuracy:1 km/h
Distance Display Resolution:0.1m
Batteries:7.4 v DC, Lithium polymer chargeable batteries
Laser Wave Length:905nm
Speed Measurement Time:0.33-0.66s
protection class:NEMA 4/IP 55
Temperature Ranger:-10℃-+60℃
Human Eyes Safety:Class 1;FDA CFR 21 / Europe IEC 60825-1;GB 72471-2001
Laser Beam Divergence:2.5mrd
WIFI printing:

LCD display

  • ① Speed display data
  • ② Speed Unit
  • ③ Aiming point
  • ④ Distance unit
  • ⑤ Distance display data

structure diagram