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360° two-dimensional lidar

LSS-10A-C30E44 | LSS-40S-B20E44 | LSS-40D-C30E/20E

  • Long lifetime

  • high precision

  • 360° rotation

  • ong range measurement

  • high anti-interference

  • outdoor use

  • IP67 waterproof

  • multiple defense zones

360° omnidirectional laser scanning

360°rotation without dead angle, omni-directional scanning and ranging detection, so as to obtain the contour map of the surrounding environment

40M measuring radius

Long measuring range, up to 40M radius, to meet the application needs of more and larger scenarios

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Necessary for AGV collision avoidance warning

this product will give AGV different alarm signals according to the distance of obstacles or intrusions appearing in the scanning area.
According to the signal, the AGV trolley carries out actions such as alarm, deceleration, and emergency stop to protect the safety of the personnel on site or the AGV trolley.

Multiple automatic defense zones can be set

The excellent performance of the sensor can provide a perfect early warning and obstacle avoidance solution for AGV anti-collision early warning,
Users can freely set different alarm areas according to the actual use environment.

Flexible output state can be configured

4 switch outputs, 4 switch inputs, data can be output via Ethernet port or USB port, DC10-26V power supply, low power consumption

Product parameter

Laser wavelength


Laser frequency18kHz18kHz27kHz/30kHz
Refresh frequency10Hz,15Hz
Echo modeSingle pulse
Echo intensity0-254
Drive mode/motorBuilt-in brushless motor
Horizontal field of view360°
Horizontal angle resolution0.2°@10HZ0.12°@10HZ
Ranging accuracy±30mm
Distance resolutionmm
Output mode4 switch outputsNA
Switch output4 groups of external input signalsNA
Programmable guard area16 area groups (each area group contains 3 areas)NA
The guard areasupports any shape such as circle, polygon, etc.NA
Reference weight320g330g330g
Working voltage10VDC-26VDC
Working temperature-10℃+50℃
Protection gradeIP65/IP67
Equipment size88*68*59mm

Application scenarios

UAV mapping

UAV mapping

automatic navigation vehicle status detection

automatic navigation vehicle status detection

robot environment awareness

robot environment awareness

safety protection

safety protection

 industrial robots

industrial robots

high-precision map

high-precision map

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