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  • LDS-E320-S | LDS-E330-S

    360° two-dimensional lidar

    The new generation of TOF single-line pulse lidar features high reliability, stable navigation performance and high cost performance.

  • 40 meters measuring radius

  • high precision measurement

  • 360° rotation

  • enclosed housing

  • high anti-interference

  • IP65 protection level

  • can be used outdoors

  • small size and low power consumption

High-performance pulse TOF ranging system

The near-infrared pulsed laser is used as the light source and can be emitted in nanosecond. The laser safety is FDA Class 1, and the measurement accuracy remains accurate and stable in remote object conditions

40 meters measuring radius

Long measuring range, up to 40M radius, to meet the application requirements of more and larger scenes.

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  • AGV anti collision warning essential

    Designed around high reliability, using a lightweight rotating mirror design, with a precision brushless motor, stable and reliable work; Passed high-intensity vibration test and rigorous shock test.

  • 27,000 measurement frequency per second

    High speed range sampling capability, 27,000 measurement frequency per second

    Millimeter level

    range accuracy typical value


    range resolution

Zone protection output, multiple automatic defense zone settings

It can edit up to 16 warning areas (each area group contains 3 areas), and supports any shapes such as circles and polygons.
Provide a perfect early warning and obstacle avoidance solution, users can freely set different alarm areas according to the actual use environment area.

High protection level, flexible output state can be configured

The protection grade reaches IP54 to meet the application in various harsh environments.
4 switch output/input, data can be output through Ethernet port or USB port, DC10-26V power supply, low power consumption. Enclosed outer cover, multi-interface, both indoor and outdoor work, IP54 protection

Product parameter

Laser wavelength905nm±15mn
Ranging distance0.1-20m0.1-40m
Laser frequency18kHz/27K
Refresh frequency15HZ,20HZ,25HZ (default 20HZ)
Echo modeSingle pulse
Echo intensity0-254
Drive mode/motorBuilt-in brushless motor
Horizontal field of view360°
Horizontal angle resolution0.4°@20HZ0.25°@20HZ
Ranging accuracy±30mm
Distance resolutionmm
Output mode3*area output+1*synchronization/status output
enter4 groups of external input signals
Programmable guard zone16 zones (each zone contains three zones)
The guard zonesupports any shape such as circle, polygon, etc.
Reference weight130g140g
Working voltage10VDC~26VDC
Working temperature-10℃~+50℃
Protection gradeIP5X/IP65
Equipment size72.2*58.5*50mm (length*width*height)72.2*58.5*63.5mm (length*width*height)

Application scenarios

  • cleaning robots

    cleaning robots

  • AGV


  • AMR


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